All The Young Dudes

 Me, Andy, Chris and Stu...

The Summer of 1976 found me and my buddies so ripe, so ready, and so willing.  The four of us spent more time together in those months, than we probably did with our own families.  Every chance we had, we'd steal away, the four of us, and celebrate our sexuality.  We were shameless, we were brave, we were desperate to love and be loved ... more than that, we felt immortal.

We were madly in tune with each others rhythms, the wave lengths.   Each of us 18, born within days of each other, each of us willing to admit to the other that our sexuality was a driving force.  We were so damn lucky to have each other - I wonder now, did we really understand how  golden we really were back then?

On Stu's bed, one gorgeous Summer morning - August of 1976.  His room was on the second floor.  His parents were away, his sister and his brother were off at college; his suburban bedroom, the walls adorned with posters of bare chested rock stars,  was  the setting for our carnal adventures...Andy was already covered in sweat, his lean body shining in the yellow sunlight that filtered in from the windows around the bed.  Chris was slowly working his left hand up Andy's ass, his arm tense, bicep bulging, a look of sadistic determination on his face.  I could see Andy's cock, firm and dripping pre-cum on to the sheets below.   Stu had his arms around my waste, I was leaning back on his chest.  He smelled of toothpaste and marijuana smoke  - from time to time, his hands slowly stroked at my hard cock, or pinched at my nipples.  I could feel his cock, snake-like, rubbing up against the small of my back.  When I turned my head,  Stu's sleepy eyes caught mine, he smiled, his thick lips parting.  We kissed. 

Meanwhile, Chris shoved his hand in further and Andy cries out.  This obviously excites Chris.  He's an Alpha Male, he loves to dominate, to torment, to inflict - in a way, he is our leader, we've all given in to his cravings and his demands.  In a strange way, we've become better people for it.  Of course, I would not understand this until I was much older.  For now, I was just turned on by Chris - how could I not be?  The head of the wrestling team, the quarterback, the guy who almost did not graduate from high-school because he got into a drunken brawl and kicked some kid's ass from another school who was giving him lip just a few weeks before graduation - Chris fucked with a savage fury, he was all about domination and humiliation and power.  By osmosis, the rest of us began to enjoy this kind of thing.  Wrestling, rough house, slight or getting, it was the sexual spice we all preferred.   It was also tough-love.  Maybe he wasn't bright enough to verbalize it yet, but Chris toughened us up, he made us into men with no fear.  He knew that being gay was tough for a guy growing up in a blue-color town, and the only way we'd make it was to be able to take it and dish it out.  Whatever the case, it was what it was, and we willingly followed, slaves to his sexual rhythm.

I remember Andy's beautiful face, flushed fire-engine red, his long hair plastered with sweat, his mouth wide as he groaned in pain and pleasure.  I remember Chris, barking insults, calling him a pussy, asking him mockingly if he wants more;  a psycho / sexual head trip is being played out, and it's making me insane watching.

Suddenly I felt Stu's arms tighten around my waste, his thighs are pressing up against my ass, he whispered in my ear, "I think I'm gonna' blow a load watching this, brother." And then he gives my nipples a quick, sharp tug that sends pin-like stabs of ecstasy thorough out my body.  He leans in more and starts whispering in my ear, licking at my lobe, making me shiver in anticipation.  I am craving his kiss now...I had known for some time, that Stu and I had something a bit deeper than an urge to just fuck each other, we were bonded.  We had been for years.  We'd been having sex together for a long time, and as we matured, it became something more than just that - it was deeper and more meaningful. And yet, it was still white hot and savage, sometimes desperate and dirty - but always, honest. 

"Fuck me", Andy yelled out.

"Fuck me", Stu whispered in my ear.

Chris forgoes the probing, and tosses Andy down on the far end of the bed, his cock is standing straight up, dripping cum from the  slit.  His handsome face was ruddy.  His mop of curly hair shined with sweat in the golden sun streaming in from the bedroom windows.  He looked down at his conquest and quickly gave him a hard slap across the face, and then without missing a beat, he spits into his palm to lube up his cock.  He slipped into Andy's eager, but brutalized ass quickly and began viciously fucking him.

Andy's sobs of pain filled the air, and  yet, they never caused pity or concern, in fact they only seemed to cause our collective libido to rise.

I pulled back from Stu and we kiss, and then he gets down on his knees in front of me, sucking my cock, getting it wet.  His saliva runs out of his mouth, down his chin, onto my thigh- I am briefly in heaven and then he stops and lay on the bed, his ass raised, and I slide my hard member deep into him, relishing his groans that become more constant, the deeper I go.

The bed shakes with the four of us now.  Chris reached over and pulled me to him, and we kissed as our partners moanend beneath us.  For a second all that I could hear is the rushed breath of the four of us, like athletes going for the gold, and then...

"Let me have some of that, switch off", Chris said to me as he pulls out of Andy's ass. 

No point in debating this, so we switched off.

Chris grabed Stu by his hair and said, "Time to get fucked, pretty boy!" and began slamming into him.  I watched as Stu's face morphed from pain to pleausre and then back again - Chris had a way of doing that to his sex partners.

I pulled Andy's legs up and rested them on my shoulder and easily slipped into his hot ass.  "Hurt me", he said in a voice that was miles away.  I didn'teven think, I just worked on instinct and the next thing I know, I left a fist sized bruise under his right eye...the whole time, though, I was still fucking his brains out.  I hear Chris laughing and turn my head, he's plowing Stu into next week.  Both men are covered in sweat, their bodies tense, muscles defined and in high relief in the diffused morning sunlight. 

Then, Chris reached over for me and kissesd me, and then he pulled away and threw his head back and let  go with a howl... he yanked his cock out of Stu's ass, and sprays him with a shower of cum that lands in thick white splotches all over Stu's chest.  Then he grabbed me by the back of the neck and forced me down and commanded, "Lick it up, fucker!"  So I fell onto Stu's chest and greedily sucked up Chris's seed, savoring it's salty taste.

A few minutes later, we've all shifted.  Stu is sitting on Andy's face getting rimmed, Chris is  shoving the little guys face into Stu's butt.  Meanhile, my cock is deep inside Andy's tight ass.  I lean forward, licking at Stu's sweaty flesh every chance I get...Chris is taunting Andy, "Come on you little pussy, take it like a man, you know you want it!" Every now and again, he would slap him in the face with his still hard cock and I could see little sprinkles of cum hit our bottom boy all over his handsome face.

Staring straight ahead,  my eyes lock onto Stu's face, so handsome, almost angelic in it's beauty.  His hair long and dark, his lips so sensuous, sometimes If I would just think about his face, I could have an orgasm, he looks at me now, he's in a state of bliss from the tongue fucking he's getting, his cock is rigid and I want to put it in my mouth...I reached up and touched his arm, feeling his bicep, moving down to his forearm, reaching for his cock, never taking my eyes off his face...and then I climax.

My body siezed up and I groaned out loud, Stu reached out and instantly he's twisting my nipples and I think I might pass out from the sensation it is so over the top.  I can hear Chris barking something, his deep commanding voice seems to be bringing me to the edge of sanity...I close my eyes, and everything goes sort of hazy, and then the pleasure overtakes me and I am back, facing a wall of sweaty, young flesh.  I fell forward onto the bodies and gasp as my own body convulses again as another wave of pleasure crashes into me.  My sap is all over Andy's torso, some of it goes into Stu's hair.  Finally I catch my breath and pull back and fall onto the floor and wait for the world to come back into focus.  I lean up against the wall, push my hair away from my face and watch the others continue.

Stu is fucking Andy now, and Chris has his meaty hand resting on Stu's left shoulder.  From time to time he lets his hand slip and caresses Stu's gorgeous ass which flexes and relaxes as he pumps himself into the bottom boy.  My eyes shift back to Chris, his broad shoulders, his muscular build, his face turned so that his masculine, handsome face is in profile.  He leans over and kisses Stu passionately, and for a second I am hit with several conflicting feelings; jealousy, anger, and desire.  My teenage heart  exploding, I love them all, but I am starting to feel possessive of Stu...but I have little time to deal with this emotion now as Chris is coming my way, his erect cock bobbing like a divining rod.

"What?  So you shot your load and now your gonna' hang back?" he says, reaching for my cock, and before I know it, I am wrapped in his arms, and he is all over me whispering how he's going to fuck me raw.  Now I feel the familiar rush go through me and I am getting hard again.

He still has my hard cock in his hands, and he is tugging on it, taunting me.  With his left hand, he landed a hard blow into my chest at made me breathless - but I could never back down, so, somehow, I find the strength to land a right hook into his gut.  He looked shocked for a second and then smiled widely and pulled me in.  His muscular arms encircled my torso and the next thing I knew, he  was kissing me wildly, biting my lips, licking my face....finally, he went for broke and rammed his tongue into my mouth and we kissed like lovers from an old movie.  I might have swooned were it not for his strong limbs holding me upright.

But the kiss did not last long.

I found myself, splayed across the bed, my asshole being stretched by his fingers.  Stu and Andy's still rock hard cocks in my face...when he began the assault, I gasped and bit down on the always, it felt like I was being split in half.  The pain indescribable in it's intensity.  But I lived for it, and then I found myself being restrained by Andy and Stu, and the feeling of being manhandled by the three of them - the physical, as well as mental-mind fuck of the whole affair made my cock swell again.  I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck while he barked obscenities at me, as he went in deeper, tearing me up, using me for his own pleasure.  I could also feel the guy's cocks, dripping more pre-cum all over my face, I could smell their musk, and their sweat.  Stu started rubbing his cock, and his hand got slick with his own juice which he rubbed onto my face - I licked it off of my lips and waited for more.  Andy shoved his cock in my mouth then, and I swallowed it eagerly.  Meanwhile Chris continued pummeling me, riding me like his prized bronco.

It did not take him long to shoot his load up my ass.  I felt the first stream before he reacted - growling and tensing up, swaying his head as sweat fell from his hair onto me; with each blast of cum, be plunges in deeper, and I grasp on to the bedsheets.  Andy's cock is now rubbing up against my face, and then Stu's is doing the same...I can sense the three of them are kissing now, Chris exchanging  saliva with the both of them.  My own cock is hard, full and aching for another release when Chris pulls out of me, and his last load sprays all over my back - then I rolled over, and watched as Andy and Stu shot loads that landed all over my face and my chest and thighs - and the smell of their seed, the smell of their sweat, and the smell of the sweet summer morning that was blowing through the open windows was like a narcotic to me, filling my senses with ecstasy.

The three of them collapsed on top of me, breathing heavy, bodies cool with sweat, hands and limbs intertwined.  In time, Chris rolls me over and starts sucking on my stiffening cock, and before long I blow a load into his mouth while I scream a litany of curses into the sun dappled atmosphere Before the last wave of pleasure hits, Stu, twisted my left nipple and the pain and the pleasure morphed into one.  And it was good.
One hour and a half later:
Andy and Chris were gone. 
 I remained. 
 Stu and I showered together,gently cleansing each other of the morning's foul sins, kissing while using soap and water.  Our bodies entwined under the healing, soothing spray of water.  Soaped up wash clothes cleaning the each other's ravaged asses.  We never lost our hard-ons.  How could we?  We were still horny teenagers.
We climbed back into bed, as the afternoon was settling in. We did not say a word.

He spooned me, and I sighed as he threw his leg over mine, and I sighed again as I felt his still stiff dick rub up against my ass.  He whispered in my ear, he told me that he loved me.  And shoved my ass closer to him, and told him the same, and he put his arms around me, and held me closer, and then he started tugging on my cock, playfully, and I whispered his name and he held me closer and finally, we both found a calm spot and drifted off as the sun burned harder  and the smell of the roses that had climbed the trellis to his bedroom window filled the room...

Guide for the Married Man III

I had been seeing Tony, the married man, for almost three weeks.  It was now early March of 1985, and for this brief but happy time, I found myself involved with a man who had to be one of the most energetic, kindhearted, over sexed, guilt riddled people I ever met.  And I could not get enough of him, warts and all.  Of course he was still with his wife, and I knew, deep down, that the chances of him ever leaving her were tantamount to a Democrat winning the White House (this was 1985, after all) - in spite of everything, I found myself obsessed with him, craving his touch, yearning for his company, happy just to hear his voice.

The first weekend in March, there was to be an awards ceremony for local radio stations, the event was being held in Atlantic City, and Tony shocked me when he asked I could come with him.

"What about your wife?" I asked.

"I hardly say a word to her these days, you know how it is, we stay married for the kids sake, and because she won't give me a divorce...she's torturing  me.  Besides, she hates these kind of events..."

"Who will you tell them I am?" I asked curious as to how he was going to pass me of to fellow DJs and radio folk.

He laughed and gave me that gorgeous grin of his, and his eyebrows went up as if he'd just worked out a major wicked plot of some sort, "If anyone asks, you are my cousin in town for the weekend - you came because my wife is home with the kids!"  He shook his head and then said, "See, see? Makes sense?"

I laughed and shook my head and said, "Sure thing, I can't wait to go with you".

We drove down to Atlantic City in his Ford Bronco, the whole way he kept grabbing at me on the passenger's side, trying to grope at my crotch, and I kept telling him to keep his eyes on the road.  We laughed a lot on the ride and I kept stealing glances at him.  His beautiful head of thick black hair that he wore parted center, his olive complexion that betrayed his Italian heritage, his dark eyes and his dazzling smile.  He was not classically handsome, but that did not matter in the least to me as he was probably the most decent guy I'd ever spent time with in my life.

We got to the hotel, a sprawling, huge monstrosity with a casino inside that sat at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean.  Our room was on the 10th floor with a view of the boardwalk below. It was actually a very impressive lay out, actually more of a suite.  I confess, my jaw dropped as the bell hop ushered us in to what was to be our home away from home for the next two days.

After Tony tipped  and sent him on his way, he turned to me and smiled and said, "So, so?  Whaddaya' think?"

"I think I am never going to leave this room", I said checking out the oaken desk and marveling over the marble mantle over the fireplace.

I did not have time to check out anything else when I found myself in Tony's arms, he kissed me energetically and passionately, and then started fondling my crotch. I laughed and grabbed for his basket as well as he muttered, " Oh man, I think we are going to ruin our suits".

We were both dressed in suits as we were due at the awards luncheon at 1pm, and check in time at the hotel was noon, so to save time, we arrived in "grown up clothes".

I smiled and said, "Don't worry, Daddy, I got some tricks up my well dressed sleeve", and with that I pointed him to the bed which he flopped down on, his face blooming into an anticipatory grin, "Unzip and let me see that piece of meat", I said climbing on to the bed.  He obliged and let his rod free.  I licked my lips and then pinned his hands down at his side.

"Oh, playin' rough, are ya?" he said breathing heavily.

I did not say a word, but held his wrists firmly as I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth and started giving him the deep throat treatment.  He bucked, arched his back and let out deep sigh and then muttered, "Jesus, yes, ohmygod".

It took him less than a minute to shoot is load, and I swallowed all of it as he rammed his hips up and shoved his shaft deeper into my mouth.  He tasted salty and sweet and I savored his juice, letting it run down my gullet as he groaned in deep satisfaction, his body slowly relaxing and straightening out as he slowly caught his breath...

Finally, I took my mouth of of him and looked up.  His face was beet red, and he was smiling broadly at me as he said, "Where did you learn to suck cock like that?  I haven't shot a load that quick since I was 13!"

I smiled back and then turned to the clock next to the bed, "No time for pillow talk, buddy, we have to get presentable and show you off to the world.

In the huge bathroom, we brushed our teeth, arranged our clothes, and checked each other out.  He told me to stand still, and he gently combed my hair for me.  I couldn't recall the last time anyone had combed my hair - maybe my mom when I was a kid? - I wanted to kiss him again for this tender gesture.   A few shots of cologne and we were ready to go.
The dinner and awards were held in an opulent banquet room in the hotel.  We were seated with some of Tony's co-workers, and after he introduced me around, conversation was easy and relaxed.  Most of these folks were in the radio business, so all of them had melodious voices.  I had heard many of them on air over the years, so it was kind of odd matching the faces to the voices.  Be that as it may, the food was delicious, the company great, and when Tony won the award for the best Morning Drive DJ, it was the icing on the cake.   We drank expensive champagne, and I danced with several female DJ's (one who gave me her phone number!).  In short, we had a ball.


Back at our room, the door slammed behind us, and Tony took me into my arms and planted one long, dizzying kiss on my lips.  He held me so tight I could barely breathe, his long arms all over me, his hands settling on my ass.  As we continued making out, he roughly caressed my bum, squeezing it and fondling it.  When he finally pulled back from my mouth he whispered, "Watching you dance tonight, shaking that ass of yours, I almost popped a boner".  I grabbed his crotch and replied,  "All part of the plan, Daddy".

He smiled widely and laughed wickedly and said, "Oh , you are gonna' be the death of me, you bad, bad, boy".

We drew back into each others arms kissed roughly again, and then started undressing.  As he stripped, he never took his eyes off me.  

Naked, and on the bed, we rolled around kissing and humping, our cocks rigid and ready for action, our limbs entwined, our hearts pounding in unison.  He still smelled of the cologne he had put on earlier, and the smell was making me crazy.  The slight sand paper feel on the side of his face as it rubbed against mine was also turning me on.  And then he nipped at my  lobe and licked my ear sending a wave of shivers through my body.  His hot breath on me, his deep voice whispering that he loved me, that he needed me so bad - my brain was spinning and I almost squealed in delight.

Finally, he rolled me over and I watched as he slipped on a condom and lubed up.  He looked down on me longingly and then rammed his thick rod into my ass.  I stiffened up and let out a howl of pain as he went in deeper, and then I pulled him closer and yelled out, "Hurt me, daddy!"   He smiled wickedly and started fucking me at a crazy speed.  The entire bed was shaking and soon the riveting pain coursing through me was replaced with mind bending pleasure.  Grabbing hold of my cock, I stroked until pre-cum was slopping all over my right hand.  Tony looked down at the sap puddling around my mid-section and paused for a second, never taking his cock out of me, dabbed his fingers into it, and then put his fingers in his mouth and muttered, "Damn, you taste as good as you look".  I smiled and reached up for him, pulling him down until he was close enough to kiss.  He mouthed me sloppily and we made out while he slowly started up again, drilling me into a frenzy.  All the while the smell of his musky cologne, and the heat of his skin fed the need deep in me.

He pulled out of me and had me lay flat on my stomach, and then he slapped my ass a couple of times and mounted me from behind - once again I howled in pain and drew in a deep breath.  Suddenly I noticed the mirror over the dresser, I could see him on top of me and the sight of his body assaulting mine sent me further into a state of sexual bliss.  I could see the sheen on his back from the sweat, his muscles bulging in his lean arms, his long legs entwined in mine, and every now and again, he would flick his head back, and run a hand through that thick head of hair, pushing it out of his eyes.

We fucked for what seemed like an hour, when finally, he whispered in my ear, "Baby, I am gonna' shoot my load" - and with that he slammed into me three more times as he moaned gutturally.  I could feel his saliva spraying my neck while his body shook in pleasure...finally he lay still on my back, his hard cock still inside of me, his breathing harsh, his hands playing up and down my arms.

When he pulled out of me, I saw his cock was still hard and I said, "Lay next to me, rub that tire iron against my leg".  And while he did this I pulled on my prick, loving the feel of his rod against me, the feel of his wet skin.  He started kissing me on the face, his stubble giving me goose bumps.  And then he started playing with my nipples; flicking them, pinching them - and that's all I needed.  I gasped out loud as my body contracted while a monstrous wave of pleasure washed over me, and my dick sprayed out a geyser of juice that drenched my chest and some of his left arm...he moved in close and climbed on top of me as the last of my orgasm hit and kissed me softly while I shot the last of my load on to his groin.  And while we kissed, his own cock stayed hard, pressing into my thigh, and I lost myself in his arms and his masculine odor and his warm, damp flesh...
We showered together in the impossibly large stall, washed each others hair, soaped each others bodies, we even used the bidet attachment on each other - knowing that we'd probably be getting intimate again later on in the night...then he stood behind me and started massaging my shoulders as the hot water sprayed on my chest.  I braced myself against the shower wall with my hands and let my head fall forward as his big hands dug into my flesh, giving me goosebumps.  Then he stopped and pushed himself into me.  I could feel his semi-hard rod rub up against my ass as he put his arms around me and mumbled into my ear, "We gotta' be careful, kiddo, I think I'm getting a case of you"...truth be told, I felt the same way.

I turned to face him and kissed him again, grabbing his ass cheeks and pulling him closer.  I was so into him that I could not believe it.  If he was falling for me, then I was returning the favor - in spades.

After he left the shower, I turned off the water and grabbed a towel.  Tony was already back in the suite.  I brushed my teeth, took a leak, and then walked back out.  The room was dark accept for the small lamp on the desk.  The radio was playing some soft sugary sounds...he was standing in the shadows with just a t-shirt on, his cock soft and long hanging and slowly swaying as he came up to me and took me in his arms...we began slow dancing and he was very good.  Unfortunately, I was not.

"Just follow my lead", he said softly.  So I did and then it got easier, finally I lay my head on his shoulder as we continued , the music filling the air...oddly I did not feel self conscious, in fact I felt good. I felt safe, and more importantly, I felt loved - something I had not felt in a long time...we danced together without a word until the song ended and then he took me back to the huge bed.

to be continued...

Guide for the Married Man II

When he heard the voice calling him from upstairs, Tony leapt from the sofa like a shot, grabbed a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt and yelled out, “In the basement! Be right up!”  It was pretty comical watching him try to throw on clothes while he was in a mild state of panic, “Damn it!” he said, grabbing at his crotch, “I can’t go up there looking like I’m pitching a tent!”
In spite of everything I started to chuckle, and then I fell off the sofa .  He looked down at me and said, “Oh and don’t you start, I got enough going on.”  He pointed to a door, “Hide in the laundry room while I get rid of her”.   And before I could say anything I was getting the bum’s rush into the laundry room, “Stay quiet, OK? I’m sorry about this”.  And with that, he slammed the door shut on me.
I looked around the room and saw a neatly stacked pile of clean clothes on top of the dryer.  I picked out a pair of white BVD’s, probably Tony’s, and slipped them on and waited in silence.  After a few minutes I could make out voices, mostly just murmurs.  After a few minutes, I heard the front door shut and after that Tony called out, “All clear!”

He was bounding down the steps as I was coming out of the laundry room, “Mrs. Clancy, the next door neighbor, she had some mail for us that came to her place, err, and the door was open, and oh man, I’m sorry, but don’t worry,the door’s locked, she won’t be coming back, and”, he stopped and stared at me and said, “Oh man, can I suck your dick?

And once again, before I could do or say anything, Tony was attacking my dick, slurping on my meat, making my head spin in ecstasy. tumblr_l2822z0WlT1qb122ko1_400

After a bit, I grabbed his hair and held tight, ramming him down, making him gag on my cock – and all the while, he never quit – his tongue racing up down my shaft, his teeth gently skimming the  head, it was some of the best cock sucking I’d ever received.

Finally, I pulled him off my piece and using his hair, yanked him up to my face and we kissed, and I could taste my own precum, and his saliva  and I started working on his tits while we continued making out.  He moaned and shifted himself laying on top of me, grinding his hips into mine.  He put his arms around me and holding me tight, pulled back from my mouth and groaned, “Think I’m about ready to shoot another load”.  I smiled and said, “Get me all wet, Daddy”.

And with that, I felt a shockingly huge stream of sperm shoot all over my belly, and I watched as Tony’s face scrunched up and then relaxed, his thick dark hair now pasted to his head from sweat, and as I was looking into his face, I realized exactly who he was!

“Hey!” I said, breaking the mood, “You’re Tony In the Morning on WKRX!”

And much to his credit, and with out missing a beat, he said, “I am what I play”, and took some of his sticky seed and rubbed it on my chest.  Then he smiled at me, and went back to my cock, sucking me off to another orgasm.
Another shower for the  both of us followed.  This time we repaired back down to the finished basement, and Tony ordered Chinese food that we ate while watching TV. 
After our meal, we got comfortable on the massive sofa, and while a video tape of zombies eating people in a mall played  I said, “You know, I’ve listened to you for years on the radio.  I love what you play – how do you manage to avoid all the top 40 crap, and play what you do?”
He looked over at me and seemed genuinely pleased that I liked his work, and then he said, “I happen to be lucky, my show and the girl in the afternoon during drive time, are the biggest money makers for WKRX, so they don’t mess with my format or hers.”

“It’s funny, I always pictured you with curly hair and a beard, you know, sort of like a college professor gone bad”.

He snorted and said, “So an average looking Joe like me is a disappointment, huh?”

“You are anything but average,” I said smiling at him, “but in real life, you are this, regular guy – I find that extremely attractive.”

He leaned over at put his arm around me and pulled me close, “Such things you say.  Where you been all my life?”

“Waiting for a closet-case DJ with a big dick”, I said smirking.

“Oh!” He said with fake hurt, “the kid kicks me in the nuts, just when I thought I was winning him over!”

With that, the got up from the sofa and turned the television  off, “Listen to this”, he said, as he made his way over to a large wall cabinet.  Opening the front doors revealed a giant reel to reel tape deck.  Tony switched it on and instantly the basement was filled with his voice, which sounded deeper and richer than it did in real life – he was interviewing members of the band, X.  I smiled up at him and said, “Wow, I know these guys, I saw them play in LA back when…” I stopped, figuring he didn’t need to know about my sordid past, “when I was out there visiting a few years ago”.
He stood smiling back at me, wearing nothing but a worn pair of cut off running shorts, which I noted, were bulging  as his cock started gettingBULGE_03 hard again.

“Does listening to yourself always make you horny?” I asked chuckling.

He turned and lowered the sound on the stereo and moved back to the sofa, “So, any chance we can fool around a bit more?”
I gave him his answer by yanking his shorts down and attacking his cock.I swallowed his member, and grabbed on to his firm ass cheeks, pushing him into me.  He sighed and moaned and then said, “Ah, you fucking son of a bitch, your mouth is so fucking hot.”   I pulled him closer and swallowed him.  I felt his body quiver in delight and while I was working on his horse cock, I started fingering his tight ass hole.  He gasped and let go with a stream of profanity, and then he laughed – it was an honest, heartfelt laugh, borne of years of longing, I suspected.  I recalled doing the same thing once when I was having sex with someone I was really attracted to.

Before too long, he pulled my head back and stood me up.  He was just a bit taller than me, so he leaned down a bit, and began kissing me – suddenly, I felt a rush of such warmth well up from somewhere deep inside of me.  His arms pulled me closer and our bodies were tightly compressed.  Our cocks were standing straight up, banging into each other. He stopped kissing me for a second and whispered something in my ear and I shivered, then he said it again, “Thank you”.  I could not reply because he was back at my mouth now, kissing me sloppily but with mind blowing intensity…somehow we found ourselves back on the huge sofa, and we were again entangled in each other’s arms and legs.  He was a wiry guy, and I loved his moves and his lack of self awareness, and his somewhat goofy demeanor, and I loved his long limbs, and his fuzzy chest, and the way he still smelled of Aqua Velva…

…we shifted and I lifted his arm, and buried my face in his left arm pit – there was just the slightest whiff of his perspiration, but it was enough.  I started licking at his seriously hairy pit and he said softly, “What are doing man?”  And I said, “Tasting you.”  And he laughed again and muttered, “Got a kinky one here, I think…” I stopped what I was doing and looked over at him and replied,  “Want to try it? – huh, want a taste?”

I leapt up and immediately maneuvered so my right arm pit landed on his face.  He paused for a minute, maybe unsure what he was supposed to do – but as soon as he began slurping at my pit, I reached for his stiff prick and slowly milked it, “Come on Daddy, tell me this doesn’t turn you on”, I taunted.  Once again he laughed, but I rammed my pit down on him and he licked  while I continued stroking him. 

A few minutes later, I was licking his chest. Starting at his belly button and slowly working my way up to his nipples; all the while I still had his shaft in hand, it seemed to pulsate in my grasp – finally I landed at his pecs and started sucking on his nips. 
“Shit, that is so fucking intense”, he sighed, you are gonna’ make my head explode.”
I smiled at him and went back to his cock, I licked at the head of it, tasted his salty goo and then went for his balls, they were heavy and pretty big, I sloshed them with my tongue and chuckled when I heard him proclaim, “Holy fuck, my balls! Ah Yeah, son, lick ‘em!”

When I was through, I shifted over to him and whispered in his ear, “Fuck me, daddy, hard”.

He smiled over at me and said, “Want me to ride you boy?”

He sat up for a second, and I rubbed his back, it was slick with sweat, and as he reached over for the lube and rubbers and I flopped over on to my stomach and said, “Just get in there and rape my ass!”
He slapped my butt hard and said, “Careful what you wish for…”

Sparing nothing, he put on the condom lubed up and rammed his rod  into me.  I let out a sound that came from deep down and bit down into the sofa cushion – the pain was overwhelming and invigorating at the same time.  9h

I raised my ass up  and he started pounding me.  Eventually the pain became pleasurable and when Tony found his manic rhythm, I was really digging it.  I never wanted him to stop. 
“Harder, daddy!” I cried out.
“Dirty, fucking, boy!” He said through gritted teeth, “tight fucking assed, bad boy!”

The fucking got more and more intense as Tony found his groove and started giving me what I wanted, and what he needed.  He would pause for a second and catch his breath, then lean down and nip at my ear, and that would be followed by another round of some serious pummeling – I could feel his sweat dripping down on my back, his breathing was rushed, and yet he still managed to remain verbal, and frankly, it turned me on – I love a guy who can recite the foul lines of man on man sex, and really sound like he means it.

“Reach under me, Daddy, pinch my tits”, I shouted.  He obliged and sent stinging shards of pleasure/pain to compliment the sensations being caused by his thick cock up my ass.   I could feel my own cock now, at the bursting point, and I was pretty sure I was going to cream the sofa cushion beneath me…I closed my eyes and suddenly caught another whiff of his aftershave – it drove me nuts – and just then he shifted himself up, grabbed me by the back of my hair and viciously yanked my head back and yelled, “OH FUCK YEAH!”

His orgasm made his body shiver, and then he covered my neck and the back of my head with kisses while his body continued shaking in pleasure, then I said, “Stay inside me, let me up a bit, but stay in me”.

He got up off my back slowly, and I used my arms to raise myself and then reached for my cock and started wanking in earnest.   His dick was still rock hard and he started ramming me again while I stroked – it only took a minute and I was shooting my wad, my body awash in intense pleasure and as I was coming down from my high he whispered gently in my ear, “I could stay in you all night”.
He held me tight, the tape was still playing, Bob Seeger was singing, Roll Me Away Tonight.  We lay still, satisfied, comfortable in each other’s arms.  The only light in the basement was coming from a small lamp near the television, it cast a dull, soft glow.  Finally, he turned his head to me and smiled and said, “What am I going to do?”.

I brushed the hair from his forehead and said softly, “You are going to tell your wife the truth – she might be a bitch, like you claim, but do you think this is fair to her? “
He sighed and pulled away from me and mumbled, “You’re right, you are so right.”
I sat up and looked for my clothes saying, “Tony, I really have to go, but, whatever you do, will you call me?”
“Are you crazy? I’ll probably call you before you leave!” 
I put my pants on, and sat back on the sofa  and kissed him gently, “I have not had sex this good since, well, I can’t remember the last time”.  He nodded his head, “Yeah, well, I don’t think I ever had sex this good.”
We kissed again, and I got my shirt and jacket and left.
The following Monday morning, driving to work, the car radio tuned to WKRX, I listened to Tony’s show.  About a mile from my job, he said in his smoothest DJ voice, “This one goes out to a special someone”.  Bob Seeger singing Roll Me Away Tonight played.  I smiled  to myself, pulling into the parking lot,  and sat in the car until the song ended.

A Guide for the Married Man


“Whatever you do, please, don’t talk to me about your wife, or your kids, OK?”

He looked over at me, he actually seemed hurt by what I said, I touched his hand, it was big, the skin was rough, one of g3my fingers landed on his wedding band.  I smiled and said, “ I mean no disrespect to you, but look at this from my point of view for a second – you are married, you have a wife and kids, and that’s great – good for you, but now, right now, you are with me, your choice I might add, and I don’t want to hear about your home life.  I don’t want to be reminded that what were doing is just a little diversion because you might be confused about your sexuality…”

He pulled me close and shut me up by planting a sloppy but enthusiastic kiss on my mouth.  When he pulled back, he said, “I swear, I’ll do and say whatever you want from me”.

I felt my knees go weak for a second.  I had to admit, he was charming in a middle class-slowly-going-to-pot sort of way.  His hair was still thick, but small wisps of gray ran through it.  His eyes were lined with small wrinkles, as was his brow, even his mouth seemed slightly care worn.  And yet, in spite of all of this, or maybe because of it, I found him irresistible.

He told me his name was Tony.   I’d met him at a bar on a February night back in 1985.  It was one of those peculiar times, mid winter, and suddenly a burst of warm weather hits and everyone comes down with  a case of instant Spring Fever. 

I was feeling it.  My sap was rising, and I wanted to get laid.  There was one gay bar just a few miles from where I lived, funny thing was not that many folks were aware of it.  This was not some huge disco or night club, it was, to the untrained eye, just a little watering hole.  In fact, a lot straight folks wandered in to Roscoe’s and never quite figured out that they were in a gay bar.  There were no drag queens, no dance floor…in fact with the exception of the multitude of framed Playbills on the wall over the pool table, one might think he was in just another corner bar.

I was nursing a beer when I heard a deep, somewhat familiar voice say, “Hey, are you drinking or just killing time”?  I turned to my right and saw a guy, about 45 years old or so.  He was dressed in a flannel shirt, a pair of old jeans and a battered ski vest .  He smiled instantly – it was a warm, genuine grin, authentic, and it revealed a rather startlingly white set of teeth.

“Killing time”, I said raising my beer.

“Yeah”, he said pointing to the bottle in my left hand, “I sort of figured something like that, you should really get a cold one, warm beer sucks”.

I laughed and he smiled brightly, “See, it’s good, I made you smile, you made me smile, we’re practically best friends now!”

And then before I could do anything he shot out his hand and I immediately noticed the gold band on one of his fingers.  “A married man,” I said not offering my own hand, “Go home to your wife and leave me alone”.  And with that I turned back to my beer.

“Oh hey, come on now, buddy, what makes you think I wanted anything more than some conversation…”

“Dude, you are in a gay bar, talking to a gay man…”

Suddenly his eyes grew wide in mock horror and he exclaimed, “What?  Oh Jesus, I had no idea, I thought this was a sports bar!  Wow, wait till the guys at the VFW hear about this!”

In spite of myself, I smiled again, and then I laughed.  He was adorable in his attempt to amuse me.

I put my hand out and shook his.  It was a firm, no nonsense shake.  His hand was very warm, almost comforting, “Tony Martone, and yes, I am a married man, and yes, I am in a gay bar.”

I nodded my head, told him my name and then said, “Unattached, my former boyfriend is getting married in a few months, he just called me and asked me to be his best man, so, uh, you’ll excuse me if the subject of marriage is not something that I am very fond of right now.”

“Ouch”, he said, “He left your for a woman?”

“Something like that”, I sighed.

“Well then, maybe you can have your revenge through me, yeah!  Tell him you seduced a straight guy…”

“That i met in a gay bar”, I interrupted.

“Oh man”, he said with mock indignation, “don’t get so hung up on technicalities, will ya, fella?”

Once again I laughed, and Tony smiled brightly again and then bought me a beer, we chatted for about an hour until finally he said, “So what are the chances of you and me going out to get a bite to eat?”   His voice was so familiar, sort of deep and nasally, I knew it from somewhere, but I could not put my finger on it.  Nonetheless I nodded my head and we left the bar together.

Two hours later, I found myself in the suburban kitchen of  Tony Martone  We were ripping through a couple of slices of cold pizza and washing them down with a few cans of beer.  All around me, domestic bliss was in evidence: hand painted pictures on the refrigerator, a shopping list stuck to the cork board by the back door, flowery wall paper, a stack of dishes in the sink.  But, I had to admit it, the pizza was delicious.

“OK”, he sais wiping his face with a paper towel, “Here’s the deal.  My wife, she’s a bitch.  She knows I don’t love her, but she won’t give me a divorce.  I have two great kids, two little girls, I idolize them, and the bitch has made it clear, if I walk, I’ll never see my kids again.”

“Why did you marry her in the first place?”, I asked.

“I thought I was in love, and, well, I, didn’t want to admit…”

“That you were gay?” I finished.

“Give that man a cigar!” He said smiling grimly. “What a fucking mess I am in”.

We talked a while longer and then I said, “Tony, you know what, you need , and so do I – you’re family is out of town, we’ve got the place to ourselves, what say we rock and roll, no strings, no guilt, just to guys getting their rocks off.”

His head jerked back for second and  he looked shocked as he said, “Just like that?  I mean, you want to…in my house…you want to…wow”.

And then it hit me – this was something Tony might have only dreamt of, but he never acted on it before, or if had, it had been years.

I pulled my chair over to him quickly and gave him a kiss.  He pulled back for a second, his face all red, and then he lunged towards me and we kissed again, the taste of garlic and beer spicing up the tongue action.

“Come on”, he said excitedly, we can go in the basement, it’s finished, there's a really big sofa down there…”

“Are you sure your mom won’t hear us?” I joked.

“Aw come on man, this is not exactly and every day occurrence for me … It’s just…”

I reached over and grabbed at his crotch and he almost fell out of his chair, but it at least it shut him up.

A minute later we were in the basement.  I gently pulled him over to the sofa and said,  “Whatever you do, please, don’t talk to me about your wife, or your kids, OK?”

He looked over at me, he actually seemed hurt by what I said, I touched his hand, it was big, the skin was rough, one of my fingers landed on his wedding band.  I smiled and said, “ I mean no disrespect to you, but look at this from my point of view for a second – you are married, you have a wife and kids, and that’s great – good for you, but now, right now, you are with me, your choice I might add, and I don’t want to hear about your home life.  I don’t want to be reminded that what were doing is just a little diversion because you might be confused about your sexuality…”

He pulled me close and shut me up by planting a sloppy but enthusiastic kiss on my mouth.  When he pulled back, he said, “I swear, I’ll do and say whatever you want from me”.

I felt my knees go weak for a second.  I had to admit, he was charming in a middle class-slowly-going-to-pot sort of way.  His hair was still thick, but small wisps of gray ran through it.  His eyes were lined with small wrinkles, as was his brow, even his mouth seemed slightly care worn.  And yet, in spite of all of this, or maybe because of it, I found him irresistible.

g1 This time we kissed and embraced, I breathed him in as we did this, he smelled of Old Spice, and I felt my cock stir, and then I started un buttoning his shirt, and made my way to his chest, when I pinched his left nipple he gasped and yanked back and said, “Wow, why did you do that?”  Instead of answering him, I did it again, and again he gasped, but this time he said, “Oh fuck, that is intense!”  His face lit up like a Christmas tree – his smile blinding, as he said, “Finally, some action!”  And with that we were off to the races…

…like a man who has been starving and is now facing a buffet table, Tony was all over me.  His mouth and tongue at my chest, my hips, my cock, even my toes.  In a matter of minutes I was bathed in his saliva.  While finesse may not have been the name of this game, enthusiasm sure was at the top of the list – I had not been with a guy this sloppy and anxious for it since I was in high-school…and for whatever reason, that made the whole event even more exciting.

When we finally got completely naked, clothes and underwear strewn about the basement floor, our bodies entwined like a pretzel, I finally got a good look at his cock – and it was a beauty, thick, heavily veined and probably loaded with several years full of spunk.  I got myself out of his octopus like arms for a second and made my way to his dick, grabbed it with both hands and shoved the head into my mouth.

“MARY MOTHER OF GOD!!” He exclaimed, his body going rigid.

I paused for a second and then deep throated him, taking every inch, wrapping my lips and tongue all around his newly liberated beast.  I felt his hands come down on the top of my head and hold me firm, I gagged for a second and then relaxed allowing him full entrance – and then he let out another exclamation and shot a load into my mouth that was so intense it ended up drizzling down my chin in spite of the fact that I still had not taken my mouth off of him.  He howled one more time as his body went limp, but his piece stayed solid.

I lifted up my head, and wiped his juice from my lips and said, “Tony? You OK?”

He looked over at me, his face still flushed red and said, “Not sure, it’s been so long since I’ve had an orgasm with another human being…I, wow, I just…Oh man, what about you?  You deserve some fun…”

“The day is young”, I said sitting up,  “Why don’t we clean up and then then come back for round two”.


The shower was cramped, but we managed.  gftm We stood facing each other and I put my hands on his shoulders, he  brought his  arms down to my waist and once again smiled at me while a strong spray of warm water splashed over us.  He pulled me close and I felt his cock slam into mine and we kissed again.  When I pulled back,  his eyes had gone all dreamy and he said, “Kid, I don’t know how I am ever going to repay you for this”.  I winked at him and said, “I’ll think of something”.  And then we took turns washing each other.  I paid special attention to his ass, and soaped his crack up and rinsed it out with a ball syringe several times saying “Just want to make sure you are April fresh down there for later…” 

As we were drying off I asked him, “So when was the last time you had sex?”  He paused for a second toweling off his thick mop of hair, his brow furrowed in thought and asked, “With my wife?  Let’s see.  July 17th 1983”.

I nodded my head and then asked, “And with anyone else?”

This time he did not pause, “Some guy gave me a blow job in the men’s room of  Sears, Christmas Eve over at the mall, last year…I was so fucking nervous, I couldn’t even cum”.

The phone rang, and he dashed out in to the hall to answer.

I finished up and surveyed the bathroom.  A cavalcade of women’s cosmetics, shampoos, soaps and conditioners lined a vanity, while on the sink itself was Tony’s stuff: a razor, a bar of Ivory soap, a toothbrush and a comb and brush.  Down the hall I saw another bathroom, it must have been the one his girls used, it was bright and pictures of Disney characters lined the walls. 

Just then I heard his voice raised, I could not make out what he was saying, but he didn’t sound happy.  Suddenly, that easy going, slightly goofy guy had been replaced by an angry sounding man.  I heard him slam down the phone and pretended to be drying my hair as he came back.

“That bitch!” He exclaimed, “She said she was coming home tomorrow night, well now she’s changed her plans and is going to be at her parent’s house  until Sunday!  I had plans on taking the girls to the museum on Saturday afternoon, she knew that!”

I remained silent and put the towel down.

“Look”, I said tentatively, “maybe I should be going…”

“Oh god, no!” He said, his voice going back to normal, “Please, I don’t want you to leave, I thought we were going to hang out …”

I nodded my head, “Sure, Tony, whatever you want”, I said as I put my arms around him again, and slowly began toying with his cock, “anything you want, you’re the boss”.


We were back on the huge sofa in the basement, it was a comfortable arrangement, this huge pit style sofa, and this handsome, conflicted middle-aged man in crisis…I could not wait to begin in earnest.

His ass rrwas firm and meaty and I immediately  made my way for it.  He lay on his stomach moaning as I kissed at his cheeks and slowly made my way to the crack.  He smelled of soap, almost overwhelmingly so, and  I decided it was time for a taste; sticking my tongue into his butt he gasped and shifted a bit, then I spread his cheeks and spit on his hole and started fingering him.  His gasps changed into odd groans and sighs, finally he said, “Oh man, I have not been fucked since college…go easy”.  I replied by ramming several fingers into  him and going deeper.  He was as tight as a virgin, but as willing as a slut.  He cried out, “Yeah, god! Oh that hurts so good!”   I continued fingering him until he started shoving his ass up, willing me to go deeper, and then I slowly pulled out and gave his butt a healthy smack.

He turned on to his back, and we kissed again.  And then I pushed his head down to my cock and waited for him to suck me off.  Again, his enthusiasm more than made up for his lack of skill, and I was in heaven while he slurped at my meat…finally I had to stop him as I thought I might shoot my load, and did not want to to that quite yet.

“Lift up your legs, rest them on my shoulders”, I said as I slipped on a condom and greased up my pole with small tube of lube . “Wow, you come prepared”, he said grinning as he lifted up his legs.

I mounted him quickly and despite his cries of pain, he still urged me on, and before I long I was giving Tony the fucking he’d been waiting for.  His ass was so tight that I thought I might get stuck, but after a bit, he relaxed and we started rocking.  I watched his facial expression go from one of anguish to pleasure – he kept reaching for his own cock that was rock hard, and I kept telling him to leave it be, because he needed to save a load up.  Finally, I felt myself build up to climax and threw my head back and yelled out his name while my brain flooded with colors and my body exploded in pleasure.

When I pulled out of him, he was still holding on to his cock and he said, “That was intense…”  I smiled and tossed him a condom and the lube and said, “Now it’s your turn, Fuck me hard, daddy.”

His face was a-blaze now, ruddy, his grin magnificent, he looked like he was about to do something he’d only dreamed of, as he slipped his thick dick into my aching hole.  “Yeah”, he said, “You called me, Daddy, and Daddy is going to fuck you raw!”    I pulled him closer by his arms and whispered, “You’re the boss”, and he smirked, and said, “And don’t you forget that…” and then he laughed at the seemingly ludicrous exchange, but I could tell he was turned on by the word play.

Once he was in me to the hilt, he held his place and stared at me.  And then he breathed in deep and leaned forward, planting a rough kiss on my lips…and then he started fucking me righteously. 

For the next twenty minutes, Tony jack hammered me, letting years of pent up frustration out.  I kept egging him on, calling him daddy (which he really seemed to like), and telling him to “pound me”.   Soon his body was covered in sweat and hisrr2 thick head of hair was plastered to his scalp, I reached out and gave both of his tits a mean tweak, and he growled in pleasure, and then I did it again, harder, and he leaned forward and slammed him self into me harder, causing me to gasp…  I reached up and started pulling him foreword by his hair and he yelled out, “Oh you dirty little bitch! You want it harder?”  I yelled back in the affirmative and watched as he became a blur, a series of rhythmic pounces, that brought him closer to the edge.  Meanwhile, my own cock was getting stiff again, and I started stroking it while the married man manically had his way with me.   Suddenly, he paused, threw his head back and cried out, “YES!”  And I watched as his body shook in orgasm, as his breath escaped him, as his entire being tensed to the point where veins popped out in his neck, arms and chest until finally he breathed in and fell onto me…and just then, just as he was about to kiss me again, we heard a voice, a woman’s voice, call out from upstairs, “Tony?  Anyone home? Hello?”


The Brotherhood of Man II

bak6 1-All About Steve

Once Mike and I were away from the mass of bodies, we crashed onto an old sofa to catch our breath.

“Best fuck I had in awhile”, he said to me. “and that ass of yours is fucking tight!”

I smiled and said, “Yeah, your hole is pretty tight as well”. We smiled at each other and casually draped arms around each other’s shoulders. We waited for the energy to make our way to the shower to wash off the sweat and cum that we were both covered in. In front of us, the bed was now filled, a mass of muscular flesh in various positions; like a surrealist painting come to life.

Suddenly, the skinny dude from earlier, Steve, was standing at our side. He was smiling shyly and stroking his impressive cock. Besides the white high tops on his feet, he was starkers.

“What’s up, torpedo-boy?” Mike asked as he lazily reached for the young man’s weapon.

“Well, I was kind of hoping that one of you might help me get off…that is if you’re not tired out from earlier”, He smiled shyly again, and blushed.

“Awright”, I said getting up from the sofa and motioning for the young stud to have a seat, “Mike, he’s all yours, I gotta hit the showers.” Mike high-fived me and then then sat up and quickly pulled Steve to the chair, “Why don’t you lick the sweat off my chest, first” he said in his gravely voice… and as I strolled away, my shorts back on, I watched as Steve began slurping up the perspiration on my buddy’s hairy chest. I smiled to myself and looked around the room once more…all of these horny guys – the sexual energy was downright palatable.

2-Getting Wet with the Varsity Guy

The showers were in the front of the building, just off the entrance. As I passed the main room of the club, I noted that the place was getting very crowded. Disco music was blaring from the main room where the bars were set up. In the past, the main room was used for sex, these 10_lgudays it was just what I called the “S & M” room, for Standing and Modeling…this is where guys stood in various stages of undress hoping to pique someone else’s interest.

As I rounded the corner to the showers, I caught sight of a tall, broad shouldered man with a thick crop of curly hair. He was wearing a wrestling singlet, and his back was to me. For a split second, I thought that I was seeing Chris. That, of course, was not the fact. The guy here was a bit taller, a tad thicker. As I passed him, I noted a young man on his knees giving the jock head. The wrestler caught my eye and smiled and said, “Want some?” as he motioned to the young kid sucking his cock.

“Nah, “ Just got my rocks off and need to shower.

He pushed the kid’s head from his cock and said, “Want some company? I am pretty sweaty myself, went a few rounds with your boyfriend earlier.”

“Rick?” I asked, watching as he tucked his still hard cock back into his tights.

“Yeah, he’s pretty tough, gave me a beating, if you want to know the truth.”

“What else did he get?” I asked.

“Nothing! That’s why I was getting sucked off, but, “ He looked to see if his cock sucker was still around, he was not, “the little guy was all teeth, no style … what is it with these young fags today? Didn’t anyone teach them the fine arts?”

I laughed out loud and nodded my head.

“So”, he said, as he grabbed a gym bag from the floor, “You and Rick, are you guys exclusive?”

“We are a couple, but we fool around – safe sex only, and we don’t keep secrets”.

“That’s healthy”, he said. “so, if you and I were to hook up, it would be cool?”

“It would, but like I said, I already got off, and I need to shower.”

“Oh hey, no pressure, guy, just want to know the rules”. He smiled and put his arm around me, he smelled of sweat and cologne and up close, he was pretty handsome. “My name is Eric". And with that we shook hands, stripped down and made our way to an empty stall.

The hot water felt good, and when Eric got behind me and started washing my hair, I smiled. It was pure bliss. I returned the favor, and found myself getting hard as my fingers made their way through his thick, wet hair. Figuring that all was fair in love and showers, I rubbed my hard cock on his ass and he said, “Beat up by the boyfriend and fucked by you, what a night!” I gave his ass a smack and he turned and smiled…we continued washing each other off and then used warm water douches on each other’s ass, “Now we’re spring time fresh”, Eric said laughing.

After we toweled off, I reached for my shorts and Eric said, “Wait, put these on instead”, and he reached into his gym bag and handed me a black singlet, “That was mine when I wrestled Varsity”, he said. The fit was snug but comfortable. Eric put on a dark blue singlet and said, “Let’s go to the sex wrestling room, maybe get into some tag team action with that boy friend of yours.

Making our way down the hall, we passed a boisterous group of men, all of them balding, slightly going to pot, but still sexy. “Married men”, Eric sighed, “All bravado and tough talk, and the easiest fuck you’ll ever find”. Once more I laughed out loud, and turned and looked at Eric and asked, “So really, after you and Rick wrestled, you guys did not fuck?”

“Scout’s honor, and I was ready to give it up … and he was sporting some major wood!”

I smiled and nodded my head, “Yeah, he’s got one hell of a cock”.

We stopped at the bar, and had a couple of sodas and then made our way to the gym.

3 – Sex Wrestling

Sex wrestling was held in a large room with a make-shirt ring, and a bunch of mats on the floors. Surrounding the ring and mats, were chairs, cots, and, of course, a large table with boxes of lube and condoms. The wall’s were festooned with graffiti, and on the wall furthest from the doorway was a collection of leather belts, boxing gloves, and sex toys. As soon as you entered the room the rules were posted in large block lettering:

k7RjGNSpMt7BEESIf you don’t want to wrestle, you must leave this room now!

If you wrestle and lose, you must submit to the victor’s will If you refuse, you will lose all club privileges

You might get gang banged if you lose, you might get hurt, and you might get humiliated – if you are man enough to face this, welcome to THE GYM!

In the ring were two half naked dudes locked in a power struggle, one of them was being choked and forced to submit. Eric seemed to like what he was seeing and made his way closer to the ring.

I scanned the room and then I saw Rick, sitting on a chair, while some guy was sucking his cock. His head was thrown back, his thick red hair askew, his muscular body covered in sweat, the beard he had just recently started sporting made him look older, more mature, more dangerous. I made my way over to them and placed my foot gently on the cock sucker’s back and said to him, “Take care of him, buddy, or he’ll fuck you up.” Rick looked up and smiled and reached for me, he pulled me to him and we kissed long and hard until Rick dismissed his latest conquest and stood up, his prick at full alert, his white tights pulled down, “Had two matches, beat ‘em both”, he said smiling cockily, “ I grabbed his thick cock and smiled back, “Yeah, you’ve become one tough fucker”. He pulled me to him and said, “I learned from the best”.

“So I met, Eric,” I said motioning to the hunky dude, “How come you didn’t take a victory lap after you beat him?”

“Savin’ it up”, he said.

I nodded and then told him that Mike 1 and I had fucked. He grabbed his cock and said, “Now that I would have loved to see”.

I turned when I heard voices raised and cheering, the loser of the last bout was getting fucked in the ring, a group of horny fans stood cheering as the victor screwed the ass of his fallen opponent. I watched and felt the energy go up a notch in the room. Funny, how many gay guys really got off on the trappings of pro-style wrestling. There was a time I thought that me and my buddies were the only ones; I thought of Chris for a second, he would love this scene…

“I challenge you, fucker!” I turned and saw Mike 2, his face red with anger, His hair was longer than I remembered it, and he had a beard now, 17_lg “You fucked Mike! No body gets that ass but me! And you are gonna’ pay, I am going to beat your ass in front of everyone, hell, I’ll even take on that muscle-head cocksucker boyfriend of yours…”

I shut him up by pushing pushing him back, hands landing on his firm chest, saying, “Take it to the ring, boy! Hope you are ready for a beating!” I tried not to laugh at the ridiculous bravado, but it was all part of the scene. The fact was, Mike 2 was really pissed off – I had no idea that he felt this way about Mike 1, I always figured them for fuck buddies only.

I turned to Rick and said, “Did you hear this punk? What say we hurt him?” Rick pulled his tights back up, tucked his hard cock in adjusted it and motioned with his head to the ring. I loosened the top part of my wrestling suit, and folded it back, revealing my chest and then saw that my cock was rock hard and showing through the worn fabric…I was ready to hurt somebody.

4- Battle1332_lg

The three of us were going to engage in something called a Bermuda Triangle Match. Technically three guys go in, one comes out. But in our case it was going to be a two on one squash. Rules, and I use that term loosely, because sex wrestling at the club really had no rules, was that each guy could have two other men he could tag in at any time. That put Rick and I at a major advantage over Mike 2. We made our choices quick, Rick had Jon and Eric as his tag ins, while I picked Karl and Elliot. My choices were simple, Karl might have been an older guy, but he was devious, strong and quick; Elliot was my brute force, the kid could kick ass like nobody’s business. I sort of wished that Don was here tonight, he would have been my first choice as he had the attributes of both of my partners, nonetheless, sides were picked. Mike 2 Picked a couple of guys I did not know that well, Jess was a blond slab of meat who was as handsome as a model and rumored to be one tough bastard, and Ray Ray, was the hot little Asian Hispanic mix with thick black hair, a bad temper and a cock the size of Detroit. Meanwhile, our opponent himself, while pretty muscular and tough as nails, was not much of a wrestler. I’d seen him in action, he could brawl, but he had no real moves, you just had to wear him out. Also, I’d already figured what I was going to do to him when we were through. Mike 2 was one of those exclusive tops, the guy reportedly never gave it up to anyone…tonight that would change, I hope the punk relished loosing his cherry, as much as I was going to enjoy taking it from him.

We jumped into the ring to a smattering of applause from the other horny dudes, someone yelled out, “SHOW YOUR COCKS!”, instead Rick and I did our best muscle23_lg6 pose, feeling like fools, but the whistles and calls from the other men seemed to be positive. When we stood back up, our tag partners were at the lip of each far end of the ring, Karl and Elliot were already packing, the both of them sporting major hardons, While Jon and Eric, were slapping Rick on the back and giving him encouragement. It was all so fucking hot – having these strong, handsome, sexy studs in your corner – sexual, yes, but comforting knowing they had our backs.

Mike 2 charged into the ring under the bottom rope. He was wearing skin tight blue tights and had a leather belt around his fist. Behind him, Jess and Ray Ray stood, stoic , both of them in black tights giving Rick and I the evil eye, Elliot called out to them, “You guys ready to get your asses fucked?”


Rick stood back while Mike and I circled each other in the ring, every now and then one of us would shoot foreword and then pull back – fake outs- until finally, I went in we locked up. Instantly I was able to push him back into my corner, and just as instantly, the first cheap shot of the match came when Karl reached out and under and gave Mike’s balls a quick grab from behind. He dropped to his knees, and I used that moment smash him , face first, into the mat. He howled out in pain and I felt my cock grow harder…I reached down again, and picked him up by his hair, I could hear Ray Ray shouting out to him, encouraging him. I smirked and put him in a side headlock making sure that I kept the pressure to his head firm. He struggled and managed to punch me in the leg a few times…I let go of him, and watched as he fell to the mat again, I charged him, and grabbed at his arms, pulling them back behind me, while my left leg pushed into his back – he let go with a deafening roar of pain and I felt my sadistic side rise.

I got him in a camel clutch, using his chin to pull him, sitting on the small of his back , and Rick casually strolled over and gave him an open handed slap across the face and yelled, “Like it, pussy?” Another roar from the crowd, and more yelling from Ray Ray…I let go of Mike, and let Rick take over. He fell on top of Mike and started slamming his hips up and down, dry humping our opponent. “Can you feel my cock, jerk off?” He taunted, “gonna stretch out your pussy tonight!”, and then Rick let go of him and jumped up, and then fell onto him with his fist, driving it into the small of Mike’s back. Just then, Eric yelled out, “Bring him over!” And Rick yanked the punk from the floor and bull whipped him to the side ropes, and instantly, Jon and Eric grabbed hold of him, restraining him against the back turnbuckle. Rick and I charged over and laid in a few gut punches to the flat stomach of our foe, and then I stood in front of him, and rubbed my hard crotch in to his face. Some one in the crowd yelled out, “Fuck his face!” Instead, I punched him and when Jon and Eric let him go, he fell to the mat again.

“Get up!” I yelled to him, “Get the fuck up, you punk!” I was getting tired of this, where was his fight?

Finally, he did get up, and out of the clear blue he rammed me like a bull and I fell into the center ropes and was immediately grabbed by Jess and Ray Ray. Engulfed by muscular arms, Mike started punching me in the chest, the pain was both overwhelming and exciting. I’d danced this dance before, I’d been on the receiving end of plenty of beatings, I knew I could take it.

CapyuyuureThen Mike tagged in Ray Ray, and the tough stud yanked me hard from the center ropes and onto the mat, we rolled around, Ray Ray was slippery and a dirty fighter, he kept grabbing at my nuts and trying to choke me, finally, he flipped me over and got me into a camel clutch, like I’d done to Mike earlier, “Like it, faggot?!” he yelled in my ear, “let’s see how you like it!” Now he shifted his hold and turned it into a choke, his sinewy arm around my throat, he pulled me down further on the mat. I could feel his cock, his huge fucking cock, pressing up against me as he tightened the choke around my neck. I tried to maneuver him off me, but the tough little bastard was implacable, for a split second I was sure this guy was going to best me, until I heard a familiar cry go up, the sound of Elliot charging our way with his war whoop, the same sound he made when shooting a load…in an instant Ray Ray was yanked from my body and I caught site of Elliot, his body already covered in sweat, his muscles in high relief. lifting the guy up into the air and dropping him onto the mat, and then bringing one of his work boots down on the guy’s gut. I jumped up to my feet, and joined him, smashing my feet into him, “Yeah Daddy,” Elliot howled, “time to smash this bitch!” Now Rick joined in, and managed to get a stomp on to Ray Ray’s thigh. But this kid was a tough fucker, and quick. In spite of what we were doing to him he rolled away quickly and got to his feet and smirked at the three of us. I instantly liked this fucker in spite of everything and even though I was going to hurt him, I had other plans for later … I charged Ray Ray and got my arms around his waist, putting him in a bear hug. He threw his head back and let go with a litany of curses. I could feel the humongous cock of his, now pressing up against my stomach as I carried him around the ring and continued squeezing the air out of him. Just as I was about drop him, I felt a savage pound to my back, I fell forward, releasing Ray Ray, who pulled away, and an instant later, I was being pummeled by the blond Adonis, Jess.

He threw another punch and it connected with my jaw, I saw stars, and then we fell into each other and started wrestling around on the mat. He met every move and was impossibly fast and strong. Once again, I was both aroused and pissed off. I managed to get a leg up, and reverse him and put him in a figure four leg lock. Suddenly his handsome face went from stoiclki to a look of shock and pain, I arched my back and let the hold do its stuff, reveling in his guttural cries of pain.

While he struggled against me, I watched as Karl, hopped into the ring and made a mad dive onto Jess, and immediately, he grabbed the guy’s crotch and started mauling it. He laughed crazily and yelled out, “Oh yeah, this is what happens when you play with the big boys, son!”

I broke the hold and rolled over and said to Karl, “Fuck him up, man.” and Karl proceeded to teach the handsome young buck a thing or two about dirty fighting. Karl, yanked him up by his hair, but kept his other hand on Jess’s crotch and proceeded to shove him around the ring while cat calls and cheers went up from the crowd – the energy was reaching an apex, anything could happen. Then I realized that the guy who started this was still outside the ring. I looked around and saw Jon pacing the outside of the ring and then ran to him, pointed out, Mike and said, “Come on, man, let’s finish him off”.

Meanwhile, Rick and Eric were double teaming Ray Ray, while Karl and Elliot were beating the tar out of Jess.

Jon and I made our way to the outside of the ring, and managed to throw Mike back in. He tried to fight back, throwing a couple of punches, but we were too fast for him, and as soon as Jon could, he restrained the fucker by pinning his arms behind his back, I stood in front of him and gave him a sharp chop to his throat, he gagged and bucked, but Jon held him tight. I reached for his chest then and gave his tits a major tweak, Jon laughed and then I said, “Alright buddy, show him what you got”.h0115_lg5

And with that, we each took an arm and threw him deeper into the ring, and then Jon wrestled the bastard down quickly, and wrapped his legs around Mike. Mike tried to resist, but Jon’s muscular limbs were like cobras, and when he got him right were he wanted him, he pushed Mike’s head down on his crotch and rubbed his face into his bulge. It was some excellent humiliation, but still, I wanted Mike to suffer more, the fucker deserved it.

Scooping him up by his trunks from Jon’s crotch, I exposed Mike’ sweet ass, it was definitely some primo bubble butt, and I could not wait to get some of it. When I got him to his feet, he surprised me by throwing a pretty decent punch that connected with my upper chest. I smiled and put my own fists up, and for the next few seconds we went back and forth at each other exchanging blows. I had to admit, that since he had that belt still wrapped around his right fist, his punches had some extra power to them. At this point, Karl and Ray Ray were on either side of us, just waiting for a chance to join in the fun. Ray Ray’s crotch was obscenely tenting now, and I have to admit it was something of a distraction…now I saw Jon, and then Jess and Erick, as well a Elliot and Rick surrounding the two us while we continued throwing punches. It was hot watching my five some eye Mike’s partner’s just waiting for a chance to turn this into a battle royal.

Mike then threw a sucker a punch my way, and I fell back – right into Jess, who grabbed my arms and held me. Instantly, Mike and Ray Ray were using me for a punching bag, a couple of times, I felt Ray Ray’s boot in my gut – I could hear Jess laughing while the other two beat me. It did not last long as my guys jumped in and the brawl started in earnest. Elliot did some major damage to Jess and actually picked him up and threw him down on the mat in a slam that made the whole ring vibrate…meanwhile Rick and Jon double teamed Ray Ray, they got him down on the mat and mercilessly began clawing at his massive crotch – and then I was facing Mike, he was being restrained by Eric and Karl. The guys held him by his outstretched arms, and I used the advantage to land my boot covered foot directly in his gut. Once he fell to the mat again, I wasted no time in pinning him, and then I shouted out to him, “Give?!” He screamed at the top of lungs, “YES! I GIVE!” It was music to my ears. And then, Rick and I stood in the center of the mayhem and raised our hands in victory. The crowd was going crazy now, and the best was yet to come.

5- The Victory Lap

It didn’t take much to get Mike 2 just where I wanted him. He was dragged to the corner of the ring, his back to me, his face to the crowd in the gym. Karl and Elliot used hand cuffs to secure him to the ropes, and reinforced them with duct tape so he could not move. Jon and Erick, spread his legs and tied them to the outer sub- posts with rope.

The guys were all primed and ready, I told Jess and Ray Ray, that they had a choice, either they could could join their team captain or they could take part in his0104_lg punishment, both of them eagerly agreed to the later. Then I asked Rick to keep things going for a few minutes, I had something to do.

I jumped out of the ring amidst cheers and slaps to the back and high fives. Already, I could see that a lot of the other guys were in sex mode, cocks were being sucked, men were jerking off, and over in a corner, near the far end of the ring, I saw some guy taunting another guy, the both of them in boots and tights. The guy sitting down, was pushing his pal’s face into his crotch, every once in a while he’d pull the other guy’s head back and slap it, and then push it back down on his crotch. The top guy caught my gaze and gave me a thumbs up… I continued out of the gym, down the hall, and found Mike 1 and some guy fooling around in one of the shower stalls, “Hey Mike, I yelled”, he looked up and smiled and then said, “What the fuck happened to you?” I turned and saw in the mirror that besides being plastered in sweat, my lip was swollen and I had couple of huge bruises starting to show on my chest…I turned back to him and said, “Just beat the fuck out of you boyfriend”. He laughed out loud and shook his head, “I kept telling him that this temper was going to bite him in the ass”, and then he patted the naked guy he was with on the ass and dismissed him and joined me as we made our way back to the gym.

Slipping back into his shorts he asked,“So what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to show him who the boss is”. I said, “Time to give a little”. Mike’s face twisted into a devilish smirk and he shook his head and said, “You sick, fucker, I like how you think”.


He struggled against his restraints, he cursed and spat and made threats. His voice was cracking as he shouted. Karl told him to shut up or he’d gag him.

Mike 2 was surrounded on all sides by a group of horny guys with only one thought in mind…and then, Mike 1 sauntered over, his cock hard, thick and upright. He jumped up to the lip of the rope, shoved his cock in his buddy’s face and said, “You little bitch, I’ve been waiting for this”, and then he cock whipped his buddy’s face with his member while a cheer went up and from the crowd.

I reached out and tore Mike 2’s tights exposing his sweet ass, and semi-hard rod; more cheers. Then Karl took his place and with out any fanfare, he began beating on his butt with a thick wooden paddle, the kind of thing you’d see on the wall of a frat house. He must have given him six or seven brutal slaps with the board and when he was through, Mike’s ass was red. Jon stepped up next, his black tights swelling with excitement. The little stud slathered some lube on to his left hand and started shoving his fingers into Mike’s ass. Immediately,he cried out in pain, louder than he had when being paddled, Jon smiled, his bicep bulging in his arm as he continued spreading the bastard’s tight hole, getting it ready for what was to come.

I pulled Ray Ray aside now. His thick black hair was swept back, held down by sweat. He looked at me as I talked to him, his handsome face made all the more sexy by the purple bruise under his left eye, someone gave him a shiner during the festivities and I am sure this tough stud would wear that with pride. It seemed weird, but I shook his hand and he accepted it. Then I said, “So, why don’t you go in first? I hear that your packing some major equipment, might as well break the bitch in but good.”

Ray Ray reached into his tights and yanked out his cock. My mouth dropped when I saw the obscenely proportioned organ – it was as thick as a beer can, and long enough to do some damage.

“I like it when I make them cry”, he said with out a hint of irony, as he stroked his rod.

He 6-096 turned from me and called Mike 1 over, for a second the two young bucks stood toe to toe and then I heard Ray Ray say, “Let’s give that pussy what he deserves”. Mike smiled, his thick five o clock shadow looking more like a beard now, and then he and Ray Ray made their way over to Mike 2.

They undid Mike 2’s ropes and cuffs, cut him free, he fell onto the mat until Mike lifted him up by his hair, “What are you doing?” Mike 2 asked, his voice cracking, Mike 1 turned his head for a second and looked out at the group of men watching, he lifted his right arm and made a fist and a roar went up. Then he punched his buddy in the face while still holding onto his head by the hair. Ray Ray laughed out loud as he made his way behind the beaten punk. He wasted no time as he put a condom on his huge dick, and then slathered the weapon with lube. Looking over to me he winked and said, cockily, “Watch this”. And with that, he rammed his piece up Mike’s virgin ass. This was followed by an ungodly scream of pain, that was followed by an equally ungodly roar of approval from the dudes surrounding the ring .

I watched in rapt attention. Ray Ray’s body was a-gleam with sweat, his compact frame bulging with muscle as he plowed his victim…he said something loudly insports_1804 Spanish as he pulled Mike in closer by yanking him back by the shoulders. Meanwhile, Mike 2’s face was a mask of pain, tears fell from his eyes, his mouth hung open in a silent scream as saliva dripped forth. And while he was probably unaware of it, Mike 1’s cock was pointed at his mouth, a long rope of pre-cum hanging off of it…I could not take my eyes off the scene, and was slowly stroking my cock which was so ready to burst it actually hurt. Rick was at my side, his own stalk solid, his breath as frenzied as mine, he grabbed for my piece and held it tight and said softly in the direction of the action, “Yeah, hurt that maggot!”

I breathed in deep, the smell of sweat was strong, overwhelming like an expensive cologne…Rick was rubbing his cock against my ass now, his breath hot on my neck as I watched the dark haired man doing his dance-like sexual assault on the victim … out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Karl had his cock deep inside of Jess while Erick and Jon were taking turn’s at that blond guy’s mouth … all around me the gym was awash in sexual activity, impromptu fucking on the mats, cocks whipped out while eyes watched the goings on in the ring, men sucking or getting sucked off.

Finally, Rick and I made our way to Ray Ray’s side. I reached around him and started tweaking his nipples, loving the feel of his thick chest, and his ass as it slammed back into my crotch while he fucked. He smelled of musk, it was an incredibly erotic sensation. I could hear him cursing under his breath in Spanish, he turned his head and said “Kiss me papi”, we locked lips and he gave me his tongue and made a loud moaning sound. When I pulled back, I could see Rick and Mike 1 kissing each other, both of them taking turns face fucking Mike 2’s mouth.

“OK, I broke him in for you”, Ray Ray said, pulling back

The tough stud gave Mike’s ass a hard slap and then pointed at it as I slipped on a Trojan and lubed up. I switched spots with Ray Ray, and grabbed on to Mike 2’s thighs, pulling him into me and my cock – I slipped in easily and was amazed at how hot and tight the fucker’s hole actually was.

He let out another yell and I threw my head back relishing the rush of pleasure that coursed through my body. I felt familiar hands caressing my own torso; Rick was at my side, his body covered in sweat, his muscles bulging, his cock standing straight up…He reached out and pulled at my hair and yanked my head back. We kissed violently and it was good. I rammed Mike harder than before and heard him groan in pain, he could not say anything because now Karl was fucking his face – his body also in high relief due to the perspiration that covered it. Around me, the gym was alive. Dozens of men were gathered, most fucking or sucking someone else…I looked ahead and caught a glimpse of the older guy from earlier in the night, he had one of his muscular arms around Steve’s head, pushing the kid into his left pec…all the while, his steely gaze met mine, his face a cruel smile…other faces now, all becoming a blur as I went in deeper, using the guy who had challenged me earlier as nothing more than a prop to bust my nut… Rick was jerking off at my side and he shot his load and let out a bellow as his sticky sweet juice shot all over Mike 2’s back … Elliot was shoving his cock up Jess’s ass, lifting him up off the floor as he did so…Jon and Eric were jerking each other off…Karl was kissing Mike 1 while they both took turns fucking Mike 2’s mouth…the older guy now had Steve hunched over and was fucking him, I could hear Steve’s screams of pain above the din, and then I felt Ray Ray put his arms around me, his cock banging up against my ass, and with that I shot my own load and surrendered to the waves of pleasure that engulfed me, the room went gray, sounds become muffled for a second as I transcended everything and everyone as my orgasm screeched through my body, I pulled Mike 2 roughly by his hair and howled in both triumph and pleasure…and then, slowly, I came back to earth.

As I stumbled back to a corner of the ring I watched as Mike 2 was released from his bonds, and laid on the mat, and one by one, the others took turns at his ass. Karl fucked him fast and furious, Jon flipped him over and rode his ass, Eric took his singlet off, and tied it around Mike’s throat gagging him, and then fucked his mouth, cum and spit ran down the punks' face – finally Ray Ray got back into the action. He banged him roughly and when he came, he pulled out and shot a magnificent load all over him…

Once more I looked around the gym at this strange brotherhood, these handsome faces, these sexual outlaws, this brotherhood of man that I belonged to…finally Rick at my side, I made my way out of the ring and was soon joined by others as we headed for the showers…